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Your Will is more than just ink on a page. When done correctly, it is a continuation of your life’s work. You spend your whole life planning and saving to take care of the people and causes that matter to you. The right Will can set the tone for your loved ones moving forward. We focus on your values and goals, and make sure that your Will lines up with what you really want – we look for unintended consequences, and help you to understand how little details can affect the bigger picture of what legacy you leave behind.

We take the time and effort to make sure that your Will is perfectly tailored to you. If you have a change of heart about any decisions, we offer free alterations within the first six months. Your peace of mind is guaranteed.

And even though we will spend extra time making sure that your Will is perfect, that doesn’t mean that you do. We provide in-home (or in-office) service if you don’t want to make the trek downtown. We can fit meetings around your schedule, whether that means evening or weekend calls or meetings. We also offer best-in-the-business ongoing client care. Have a question? Give us a call. Hear about something at a dinner party a year from now and wonder how it will affect your Estate Plan? Fire us an email. It’s all included.

Will Packages including an enduring power of attorney and personal directive are $900 for one, or $1,200 for you and your spouse or partner.

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The Last Word Wills Package Pricing

  $900 $800
Professional Will Kit (including Personal Directive and enduring power of attorney)
Advice and document preparation by a lawyer – not a paralegal
Free alterations to documents for up to 6 months after signing
Access to your lawyer outside of office hours (evenings and weekends)  
Your lawyer comes to you for meetings (at work or at home, over Skype or FaceTime) and will arrange for witnesses to come to you as well if necessary  

At $800, we can meet at our office.

We offer a lower rate on completing your Will package for clients that have the interest and ability to come to our office for meetings during regular business hours. When you come to us, you still get the same personal service. You still get the same professionally prepared documents. You still get free alterations to your documents for up to 6 months after signing. You just get it all at a lower price.

Will packages for couples that can come into The Last Word to prepare and finalize documents are $1100.

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