Wills and Estate Planning to match any age.

Hi. I’m Craig Tervit. And I love working on Wills and Estate Planning.

I get that not everyone is as excited or as into Wills and Estates as I am. Most people know that Wills are important, but leave it on their ‘to-do’ list because they think they’re too young to worry about it, or they feel it’s going to be an expensive and painful process.

Despite clients’ occasional trepidation in getting a Will completed – whether they are updating documents, or signing a Will for the first time – I’ve noticed the almost universal reaction following the completion of the process is relief.

So I looked at the process and asked, “What would it look like if this were easy? What would make it simple and possibly even enjoyable?” As a result, I do Wills and Estates a little differently from most.

We are 100% mobile, flexible, and committed to you.

We are small, nimble, and completely focused on providing you with the best legal services for your Will Preparation or Estate Planning needs.

Want to have a meeting over Skype? No problem. Want to meet at our downtown office during your lunch hour? Come on down. Want us to come to you because you have kids at home? Happy to help. Want us to come to you because you just don’t feel like going out? Just do your thing. Want to skip any questionnaires and just have a chat about everything to save you on the paperwork? Let’s grab a coffee and we’ll do all the work.

Jeff and Tilly Quick.

At first writing our will seemed like a daunting process, until we met Craig from The Last Word. Our experience exceeded all expectations. The Last Word provided us with a comprehensive will writing worksheet, answered all our questions in a timely manner and even came to our house at our convenience to draft up our will. It was a stress-free, worry free process with a friendly, personable, dependable lawyer. We highly recommend The Last Word!

Jeff and Tilly Quick.