But what is a Will?

A Will is the legal document in which you explain how you want your assets t0 be divided and how your dependents will be cared for. If you die without a Will, the government will dictate how your Estate is distributed and your loved ones may not be adequately taken care of.

Preparing a Will Package is simply about planning. Most successful people have developed planning methods in order to achieve their goals – saving for a down payment on a house; developing a roadmap of their business or their career; and thinking about retirement, even if it is decades away. A Will Package is a highly effective way to ensure that your loved ones are cared for into the future.

A well crafted Will Package will…

  • Distribute your assets according to your wishes
  • Minimize taxes
  • Be based on a clear understanding of probate
  • Not be challenged in court easily
  • Provide for your beneficiaries without exacerbating any pre-existing issues
  • Leave a legacy on your behalf
  • Allow you to focus on living your life, knowing that your loved ones are taken care of.

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